You’re not simply shipping truckload freight. You’re shipping your product – your business – and you can’t afford to leave your business in the hands of “just another trucking company.” You need results, and you need a logistics management company that delivers more than just pallets. You need a company that delivers solutions.

Not every load you ship is a full truckload, and LTL (less-than-truckload) can be a logical, affordable solution. For your LTL freight needs, you simply shouldn’t be stuck between parcel delivery rates and paying for a full trailer. You want a transportation company that can give you options, and you want options that keep your freight costs down.

At US Perishables we offer a wide breadth of transportation services. We offer complete and fully integrated refrigerated LTL shipping services that save time, increase efficiency and eliminate problems managing LTL traffic.

Although shipping full truckloads is optimal, your freight may not come together in this way. While it’s less expensive to ship a truckload, there may be last minute changes in production, pushing you over the truckload volume and forcing you to pay for a second truck.

US Perishables simplifies the coordination of LTL freight, providing you with a single point of contact who can find the right balance between lower costs and better service. We can help you maximize trailer space through the consolidation of your dry, frozen or refrigerated LTL freight. And we give you dedicated, unsurpassed support with national, regional and local coverage.

US Perishables’ expertise in handling the challenges of less-than-load shipping can eliminate stress. With the dedicated and careful attention of US Perishables’ experienced staff, our LTL freight services truly become an extension of your company. Our staff devotes all of its energy to ensuring that you receive the attention needed to succeed in today’s economy.

Together with our industry leading dry or refrigerated truckload and warehousing solutions, US Perishables can deliver a comprehensive, customized logistics solution that will truly drive your business forward.