Account Management

Add skilled professionals to your staff—without the overhead

You won’t call into an anonymous call center. Our account managers will be devoted to your business and become your single point of contact and primary relationship.

Your account manager will:

  • Become an expert in your organization—your business culture, business model, and key initiatives
  • Know your industry and bring ideas to address your biggest supply chain challenges
  • Collaborate on loading practices, technology, communication, and other strategies
  • Act as a consultant for continuous process engineering and best practices
  • Offer recommendations for raising service levels for your customers

USP takes customer shipments and products seriously.

  • The carrier and driver are thoroughly briefed on their load and its requirements, including any highly sensitive products or shipment characteristics.
  • Every driver is personally walked through the details of the shipment, product care requirements and timing issues.
  • US Perishables supervises every load personally, communicating directly with the drivers and the carrier’s management.
  • The drivers are provided printed, detailed instructions. While under load, they are required to make routine, scheduled check calls based on the load’s characteristics.
  • They confirm temperature at pickup and delivery.
  • They maintain contact with USP’s load coordinators while moving the load and report on timing and temperature issues.
  • The traffic coordinators are in constant communication with drivers and receivers to ensure that everything remains on track.
  • Traffic coordinators keep a specific record of the driver’s performance during each shipment.