What We Do

Temperature Controlled Logistics Solution

The USP Advantage

The USP advantage is our ability to leverage a combined network of Cold Supply Chain resources that allows us the flexibility to customize a complete solution to fit our client’s logistics requirements.

USP simplifies the fulfillment process so our clients can focus more time and resources on the business of running and growing their business.

Our process, simply put, is to operate at the highest level of industry standards, build key relationships, negotiate fair pricing and continuously expand our available services to fulfill our client’s needs.

Carrier vs. 3PL providers?

As a refrigerated products shipper, you might be struggling with this common question; “Should I choose an asset based carrier or a third party logistic (3PL)?” Before you make your decision, consider the facts. First of all, both carriers and brokers operate within a framework that is based on distance, time, and rate. Although both providers are generally committed to making sure freight gets transported to where it needs to be, on time they each have inherent challenges that can have an adverse affect on their level of service.

The advantage of using a “Quality” asset based carrier is if they are running their trucks to ship your product you would have one company to oversee the service. In turn, Carriers have the challenge of balancing the enormous costs of running an asset based business that in turn can create limitations in delivery scheduling and competitive shipping rates.

While most 3PL providers can provide more flexibility in these areas it is often times harder for them to regulate the standards of their service and managing delivery responsibility. So now what?

The USP Difference

Our Business Model:  By focusing on solving our client’s complete fulfillment needs we have evolved into a true “One-stop” fulfillment solution. Although USP began as a temperature controlled 3PL provider, we’ve added the value of owning our own trucking assets. The defining difference in the USP business model is our key working relationships with not only some of the country’s premier carrier and 3PL companies, but distribution centers, warehousing and established standing appointments at many of the country’s largest retail grocery store chains.

Performance Standards: The USP advantage begins by setting internal operating and service standards that rank with the highest in the industry. We only work with carriers and 3PL providers that have committed to the same high level of service. At every stage of the fulfillment process USP maintains a strong commitment to taking responsibility for all that we do.

Relationships: The founders of USP clearly understand that the success of the company lays in building strong relationships with all  the parties involved in delivering our service.  We not only take our relationships with our clients very seriously, but just as important is our relationships with those that make it all happen! We rely 0n dedicated USP employees to go the extra mile, and just as importantly, companies that are committed to mirror USP high level performance standards that our clients depend on.

Responsibility: USP realizes that it’s not a secret that sometimes “Shipping issues happen”! Our commitment to resolving issues and getting your product delivered intact and on time goes above and beyond most shipping providers. If an issue occurs USP has the resources that get you covered:

  • Insurance– We maintain nearly three times the level of secondary cargo insurance than industry standards
  • Rescheduling -We maintain a strong network of providers that are committed to supporting USP clients
  • Client Advocate -We collect discounts/refunds from providers that haven’t delivered on negotiated services
  • Operate Within Our Means -We commit to only taking on projects that we are confident we can effectively deliver