Receiver Management

Refrigerated transportation, and LTL trucking in particular, have challenges in meeting the requirements of typical receivers. Grocery store warehouses, food service distributors and major “big box” retail distribution centers are placing increasing demands and limitations on shippers for receiving their products. The challenges generally include limitations or lead time on scheduling appointments, inability to observe the unloading process, handling requirements and lumper charges and excessive penalties for late deliveries.

At US Perishables we’ve put systems and procedures in place to minimize the difficulties, which benefit you as the customer.

With LTL carriers the challenges are compounded. What happens at one receiving location will affect other deliveries down the line. Unlike truckload carriers, we’re making stops at multiple receiver locations, each having their own expectations. Because we’re carrying temperature sensitive, fresh and frozen freight the problems increase. We must carefully monitor the temperature of the freight and make sure it is protected during delivery. In addition, making multiple stops with unloading delays adds additional complexities to ensure that the driver and carriers stay compliant with hours of service.

US Perishables uses a Quality Management System designed to deliver on three key objectives – On Time, Intact and No Surprises.

Some of the challenges that need to be anticipated include:

  • Receiver location difficult to find or get to
  • Receiving only during certain hours of day or night
  • Hours for making appointments are limited
  • Specific days for receiving certain type of freight (dry, refrigerated, frozen)
  • Fees for entry, forklift, unloading
  • Forced to use lumper and pay charges
  • Drivers not allowed on dock

We’ve developed good working relationships with receivers to help expedite getting in and out of their locations. Wherever possible, we want our drivers to unload and do the handling, including sorting and segregating. This ensures that the product is well cared for. In addition, we have found we can reduce and manage handling costs for most shippers with their receivers. The two determining factors for handling charges are the nature of the shipment and the requirements of the receiver.

Our primary concerns are to care for your products and make sure you look good to your customers. We want to help you overcome the increasing challenges. We look at your situation and see how these issues may apply. We are confident we can offer a workable solution to minimize difficulties.

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