Our Carriers

Providing a fleet of Highly Responsive Carriers

USP maintains close, profitable and long-term contractual relationships with carriers*. These relationships work because we and our contracted carriers understand what the other party needs to succeed. Carriers know USP has over 100 years of combined experience and a reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Roughly 20% of our carrier base handles about 85% of our freight. The other 80% of our carrier base is reserved for niche and irregular route moves, special projects, seasonal moves, dedicated operations and backup to our primary carriers.

Maximum Performance

Shippers often say, “I can control my on-time performance better when I deal with a carrier direct.” At US Perishables we believe that is not true, unless one invests in personnel and systems like we do.

Dealing “direct” does not automatically get you answers, service or productivity. We deal directly with carriers every day, thousands of times per year. True performance takes highly experienced people, communications and systems, focused full-time on managing freight.

We do not know a shipper anywhere who has the people, time, systems or resources to do it effectively. 100% of US Perishables’ IT dollars go directly into improving our sophisticated freight management and communications system. Compare that to the low percentages of even the largest shippers’ dollars deployed in their transportation IT budget.

We carefully screen, interview and contract with carriers.
When the screening is complete and the US Perishables/Carrier contract is signed, our service professionals carefully test the performance of new carriers.

Our Carrier Selection Process

Minimum Qualification Checklist

US Perishables Risk Management Department personnel, supervised by our Vice President Operations, ensure that before USP tenders freight to any carrier, the carrier must satisfy each of the following criteria:

  • Carrier must have current Cargo & Liability Insurance, naming US Perishables  as certificate holder
  • Carrier must have current DOT operating authority and we document its DOT safety rating
  • Carrier must sign a contract with US Perishables; further detailing service and legal requirements Note: US Perishables Carrier Contract is Available for Customer Review


Most carriers offer satellite tracking. Downloading this data allows us to track the exact location of each truck. Nearly every carrier has cell phone technology, allowing driver contact in an instant.
US Perishables’ nationwide system works for all types of carriers. To keep us and our customers advised of delays, we require that carriers encourage their drivers to place check-in calls to us, before and after pickup, before and after delivery, and if they run into problems or delays.

This way we can track shipment progress. Our tracking department speaks with our carriers’ dispatchers and drivers concerning every load and maintains comprehensive tracking information. All this information is keyed into our system.

* Any reference to “our carrier” is meant to imply “those carriers with whom US Perishables has a written and signed contract and a business relationship” and does not imply US Perishables has any ownership interest in, or any joint venture with the carrier.