Who We Service

Perishable food shippers are turning to 3PLs to handle their diverse temperature-controlled storage and transportation needs. Outsourcing refrigerated logistics lets food companies focus on core competencies to better serve consumers. US Perishables’ refrigerated and temperature-controlled logistics continues to evolve to meet the diverse palette of food manufacturers and distributors and their ever-changing outsourcing requirements. USP is leveraging proprietary technology, assets, and expertise to offer outsourced scalable solutions that help manage the nuances of refrigerated warehousing and distribution.

On top of the usual shipment protocol required for moving consumer goods in a time-sensitive supply chain, food shipments have limited shelf life and demand special handling, both in storage and in transport. Time lost in shipment translates at best to a shortened selling window; at worst to dead inventory or unsatisfied consumers. Accuracy and compliance requirements for perishables, therefore, are among the tightest in the industry.

Food purveyors require facilities that can flex with evolving technologies and storage and handling equipment, as well as seasonal demand fluctuations. Ensuring that product remains in a “continuous movement” loop within the supply chain further stresses the importance of integrating warehouse and transportation services.

The premium placed on location, flexibility, and unique storage and handling requirements inevitably pushes many food companies to outsource logistics services.