Managing refrigerated freight can be a tricky job; there’s nothing standardized about temperature sensitive transportation and storage. Yet many logistics companies transport temp controlled freight using methods and routes that do wonders for their margins and little for the needs of your business. You need to place your product in the hands of a company that will provide the individualized care necessary to deliver it safe and sound, and in a timely manner.

If you need to move temperature sensitive goods – frozen foods, dairy or other products requiring refined temperature control – US Perishables will give you the expert personalized service you need. And unlike other logistics management companies, our expertise extends beyond truckload to LTL, dedicated courier freight delivery and warehousing; giving you the refrigerated transport options you need to succeed in a delicate industry.

U S Perishables provides local, regional, and nationwide refrigerated trucking and LTL services. Temperature-controlled products require specific care and special attention. We have the most experienced team and solo drivers, professional and courteous dispatchers and responsive support staff. We strive to lead the refrigerated trucking industry in competitive prices, providing the latest resources from the latest technology in food-grade refrigerated trailers to electronic route optimization and temperature-controlled distribution and warehousing.

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