The law – statutory and common – clearly states that the hauling carrier is primarily liable for cargo loss and damage. The carrier in possession of the goods is exactly who you want to be responsible.

Since USP owns no trucks, we monitor operating authority, D.O.T. Safety Ratings and the existence of carrier insurance.

Every USP contracted carrier is required to furnish us with an updated Primary Cargo Loss & Damage certificate naming US Perishables (and our customers) as the insured. Our computer system tracks these policies and their expiration dates. If a carrier’s insurance policy expires, our computer system will not allow us to assign that carrier to a shipment.

Helping to Manage Risk and Resolve Claims

At US Perishables, we take insurance and claim resolution very seriously. Risk Management ensures that our carrier files are current, complete and the data is nearly “real time.” Among the numerous mandatory and critical components contained in these files is a physical copy of each carrier’s insurance certificate. In addition to our internal verification of evidence of insurance, we hire a third party firm to further authenticate this information.

As a service firm, many of our customers request our assistance in resolving claims. We encourage customer claims to be filed through our office where we can ensure all pertinent information is forwarded to the contracted carrier. Otherwise, we still wish to be copied on claims filed directly through the carrier’s office. Either way, we put an internal timer on the claim. Oftentimes due to our ongoing relationship with the carrier we may have better leverage with the carrier.

USP’s Insurance Policies

US Perishables maintains Commercial General Liability Insurance, Auto Liability, Worker’s Compensation as required by law, Umbrella/Excess Insurance, and as a backup to the hauling carrier’s insurance, we carry a “Contingency Cargo Loss & Damage” policy for $250,000 per occurrence where most companies only carry the industry minimum of $100,000. If you are a customer, a carrier with a contract with USP, or a potential customer, please contact us for a Certificate of our Insurance or our legally required surety bond.